Krzysztof Burghardt

experienced software security engineer

ClamAV on-access scanning
built into filesystem

ClamFS (“Clam File System”) is Linux (possibly available to other Unix-like operating systems) file system that shadows a real directory. Essentially, accesses to files in a ClamFS directory trigger virus scan on-the-fly. If malware is detected in a file by the ClamAV daemon, access to the file is denied. It also features caching so that recently scanned files do not get scanned repeatedly.

Creates Wireguard configuration
for hub and peers with ease

easy-wg-quick is a VPN automation tool that simplifies setting up and connecting to a VPN using the WireGuard protocol. It automates tasks such as encryption key setup, configuring the connection settings, and creating the necessary WireGuard configuration for the hub and peer connections on Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS. That can save the user time and effort and ensure a secure and always active VPN connection. Additionally, easy-wg-quick is easy to use and can be easily integrated into scripts and automation tools to streamline the VPN setup process further.


Terraform for deploying
VPN hub in GCP

tf-gcp-easy-wg-quick is a Terraform code that securely provides all of the necessary cloud infrastructure to run a VPN hub in a cloud environment. Terraform automatically sets up the cloud resources, such as virtual machines and networking components, and configures them to meet the security requirements for running a VPN hub. This automation allows for streamlined and secure deployment of the VPN hub and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure deployment processes and workflows.

Debian / Ubuntu packages

I maintain following packages in Debian: poco, poco-doc, tilp2, grub-splashimages, grub2-splashimages, clamfs, esekeyd, rabbitsign, tfdocgen, sysadmin-guide, cfi, elfrc, gfm, wbar, skinedit, libticables, libticalcs and libtifiles.

steerable with the use of
radio control

All types of vehicles imaginable can have a RC systems installed in them. Take a look on my models' list.