Krzysztof Burghardt

experienced software security engineer

ClamAV on-access scanning
built into filesystem

ClamFS (“Clam File System”) is Linux (possibly available to other Unix-like operating systems) file system that shadows a real directory. Essentially, accesses to files in a ClamFS directory trigger virus scan on-the-fly. If malware is detected in a file by the ClamAV daemon, access to the file is denied. It also features caching so that recently scanned files do not get scanned repeatedly.

Debian / Ubuntu packages

I maintain following packages in Debian: poco, poco-doc, tilp2, grub-splashimages, grub2-splashimages, clamfs, esekeyd, rabbitsign, tfdocgen, sysadmin-guide, cfi, elfrc, gfm, wbar, skinedit, libticables, libticalcs and libtifiles.

steerable with the use of
radio control

All types of vehicles imaginable can have a RC systems installed in them. Take a look on my models' list.